About Us

Erion Gkoules

Specialist Sports Massage Therapist and qualified Assistant Physiotherapist. Fully Insured and Mobile in London

Erion is a specialist Sports Massage Therapist, qualified Assistant Physiotherapist and expert in injury rehabilitation and prevention with experience working with professional elite level athletes including the Panathinaikos Woman Basketball Club and the Greek National Karate team at international events including Turkey 2017, the Open De Paris K1 event in France in 2017/2018 and the European Championships in Spain 2019.
Erion is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), is fully insured and totally mobile with massage bed and equipment to visit your home, office or hotel.
He's very passionate and committed to his job and enjoys helping those he treats to recover from injury and pain so they can excel in and enjoy their sports, activities, work and normal daily lives.
He's also committed to ongoing professional learning and development of new techniques to expand his knowledge and training to ensure you have the most up to date and beneficial treatment - for example he's undertaken additional training in the USA.
Sports massage isn't just for athletes so whilst he works with sports professionals Erion also treats;
Every day fitness enthusiasts who want to enhance their performance, or who are struggling with ongoing pain and niggling injuries that need treatment, or who need more in-depth injury rehab.
Office workers and those working from home hunched for long hours over their desk, kitchen table and laptop with poor posture who are experiencing neck, shoulder and back pain and headaches. Or workers who sit in the same position for long periods, or who carry out repetitive tasks causing pain.
Those simply needing relaxation and de-stress in these challenging times. A relaxing swedish massage can reduce stress, anxiety and tension and improve mental health and promote a sense of well-being.
Erion's very experienced and he listens carefully and responds to the unique needs of each individual and designs a bespoke treatment.
He will treat you with an excellent massage which relaxes and realigns tight and sore muscles to make you feel better straight away, but because he's also a trained assistant physiotherapist he looks at the holistic whole overview of your body to find the origin of the pain as well. He targets and treats the source of the problem to help you heal, recover fully and get you back to being 100% to ensure you stay better longer term.